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New Jersey Allows Jets' Construction of Helicopter Platform Nearing Training Pitch

[Jul 21 2017 GMT]

    The owner of the New York Jets is obviously a wealthy boss, and recently he plans to build a private heliport that can drive helicopters to the airport and training ground, so they need an apron nearing the training pitch. More information is on where fast and safe madden mobile coins are provided.

    According to the official news of the Jets, the Jets were applying to the Union to allow the construction of a rugby training ground apron on the edge of Florham Park. It is reported that the jet was written to the US Airline Agency for the application of the apron on the grounds that the "transport training field of senior management and injured athletes."

    US time Monday, the New Jersey Department of Transportation agreed the New York Jets’ program of building suburban transport facilities.

    It is reported that the local residents are very opposed to the construction plan. In fact, the Jets’ training ground is several miles away from Morriston Airport. At present the jet has not given the specific construction time.

    In fact, since 2013, the Jets has chosen the right venue around the training ground as a helipad for the helicopter, but has been opposed by the local community.

    The Jets formally submitted in March of this year and were approved, and it was learned that the apron would not be open to the public.