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New Fetures Will Be Added in NBA 2K18

[Aug 22 2017 GMT]

Dear NBA 2K players, have you heard NBA 2K18 My Team will feature with two very important modes? If no, we will introduce them to you. 2K18 is coming soon, hurry up to stock NBA 2K 18 MT.

There will be a new mode called Pack and Playoffs. Elements from other collection modes and totally unique features make this draft concept really different from others. First, you are going to pick a coach, this is a very important choice. The coach you pick will determine what system you team will run. The new proficiency system affects how well your players perform in a coach's scheme. So you have to make sure the players you draft fit into the system that your coaches likes to run, if you don't, you will not get the best out of your roster.

Super-Max is another new mode of My Team in NBA 2K18. It's a salary-cap based feature that could add more competitiveness to My Team and help to level the playing field. This is an online, season-plaay concept that will set a salary cap for all online players. Fans will have to put together the best 13-man rosters they can while staying under the salary cap for that round of play in the season.

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