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New Features in NBA 2K18

[Aug 28 2017 GMT]

No matter how great graphics, modes and features a video game has, it will be emptiness if it is without great gameplay. The producer for NBA 2K unleashed a dev diary of NBA 2K18.

So let's have a look. Movement has been a positive and negative for NBA 2K. Compared with any other sports video game, NBA 2K's animations flow more smoothly, but sometimes, it almost appears as though your players are on auto-pilot as they are held captive by a canned animation. In this year, movement is no longer driven by animations, the stick input and a player's attributes are the sole components that drive how your character moves around the court.

This enable fans to control exactly how quickly a given player can accelerate, decelerate, cut, and turn, as well as his speeds for different states simply based on his attributes. The new motion engine takes this data and dynamically finds and stitches together the animations it needs, in real time, to animation the character.

In last year's game, shot aiming was introduced, and shot timing decides makes and miss in a great extent. But the side effects were that it became difficult for us to balance.

There will be new pull-up jump shots. These shots are especially lethal with great dribblers, who also excel at off-the-dribble jump-shot shooting. More information is on where you can buy nba 2k 18 mt.