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New Features about FIFA18

[Jul 22 2017 GMT]

Some new game modes will bring a lot of new features that you can learn in the following. Follow Us, Much More Cheap FIFA 18 .Coins Activity Will Launch On On Sep 2017.

In terms of game, EA's FIFA18 can be said to have taken the industry's "most important step" because they introduced the "real player Motion Technology", which is an animation system that "upgrades responsiveness and player personality to a new stage ".

It is an animation system in which new action exists and shooting and pitching are more flexible. EA also introduced a "new" cross control function, which allows players to improve the accuracy of crossing ball into the restricted area.

Although the sense of manipulation of a personal star has always been the focus of FIFA, they are also strengthening the sense of manipulation of an entire team this year. The adding of "Team Style" is to bring a recognizable style of manipulation on the FIFA pitch.

New features are also added to the stadiums and the game atmosphere, and EA has created a cinematic experience through their Frostbite engine. Improvement has been made in some details, such as the location of the sun, the debris on the pitch, and the quality of the pitch.