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New England Patriots Renews Contract with Tom Brady

[Mar 01 2016 GMT]

Tom Brady in October last year said he intends to fight for another 10 years. The new England Patriots are willing to let him try. According to the latest NFL news, the Patriots on Monday signed a new two-year contract with Brady, so he will play for Patriots to 2019.

This contract extension will allow this 39-year-old Brady to stay at patriots to the age of 42. Whether the team coach Bill Belichick teaches for such a long time is another problem. But since the Brady was selected the two have been closely linked. If he executed the contract, the 2019 season will be his twentieth season in the NFL. Details of the contract have not yet been released.

Since Brady's takeover on Patriots, he looks unlike human. With the growth of age, his performance in every new season is getting better and better, ravaging his opponents, winning the titles. No matter how much salary given by the Patriot for Brady, it is not enough. But if Brady says he will fight for ten years, no one will doubt him.

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