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New England Patriots Made A Mistake

[Dec 28 2015 GMT]

New England Patriots failed New York Jets during the extra time while they won the toss but chose to kick off, which made the fans puzzled. According to, after the game, Matthew Slater and Bill Belichick explained the reason seperately.

Slater stressed that they did want to kick off. There was no problem about it because it was their choice. He himself and the coach repeatedly confirmed several times and that was the decision made by the team. Thay trusted the coach. While Belichic showed that there was no doubt about it. They wanted to attack the starting position better, so they chose to kick off. Belichick thought it was the best choice.

In fact, the Patriots had three choices when they won the toss. Slater should have chosen the defending direction, but he made a mistake and lost their oppotunity. What do you think? By the way, if you want to get cheap NFL coins, please go to