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New England Patriots Became the First Team in the League to Have a Plane

[Aug 09 2017 GMT]

    New England Patriots became the first team to buy the plane, and they bought two at once. More information is on where fast and safe madden mobile coins are provided.

    According to informed sources, it is revealed that the Patriots bought two Boeing 767 wide body aircraft in the offseason and transformed all the aircraft seats into first class level seats, and some can be kept completely flat. And at least one of the aircraft's external coating is the team logo and the tail is coated with five Super Bowl champion trophy.

    Depending on the mileage and maintenance status, such aircraft typically costs $ 5 million to $ 65 million, while a new aircraft costs $ 200 million. According to people familiar with the situation, the two aircrafts can fly for longer distances, and they can fly 12 hours without interruption.

    A plane will perform the main flight mission this season while the other will be a backup. A Patriot spokesman said that the team officials would not comment publicly on buying a plane.

    In the past, the NFL team did not consider the purchase of the plane. But in the past few years charter flights have become increasingly expensive, because the large aircraft of the major airlines that were able to carry the entire team retired.

    Last year, American Airlines said they no longer undertake charter business of Arizona Cardinals, Baltimore Raven, Indianapolis Pony, Jacksonville Jaguar, Pittsburgh Steelers and Miami Dolphins, where at least two teams - Steelers and Dolphins – cooperated with Miami Airlines, which only operates charter flights.

    Charter costs continue to increase, so that the NFL team is more inclined to buy the plane.

    It can be expected that the team plane can be more helpful to the players after the game recovery, which is one of the aspects where the patriots are interested. It is said that the Patriots rent the plane when the plane is not needed in the season.