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Nets salary contract signed by the end of 2 Bennett

[Jul 15 2016 GMT]

It is Buy NBA 2k16 MT reported that the first year of full protection, the second year is not having protection. According to the existing collective bargaining agreement, as Bennett has been in the NBA 3-year campaign, he annual salary of $ 1.016 million last season 16-17, 17-18 season was $ 1.088 million.

Bennett identity is now completely free agent, after a lapse of more than four months after his return to NBA. The worst in the history of the NBA champion, Bennett rookie season for the Cavaliers played in 52 games, averaging 12.8 minutes played surrendered 4.2 points 3.0 rebounds. The summer of 2014, involving Kevin - Carrefour's trading, Cavs Bennett as one of the chips sent Timberwolves.

Minnesota effect one year after the 2015 offseason Bennett reached a buyout agreement with the Minnesota Timberwolves, becoming the first rookie in the history of the contract period buyout champion. Then, Bennett joined his hometown team the Raptors.

During Toronto, Bennett was first delegated to the NBDL, and later by the Raptors cut! Entire NBA career so far, 23-year old Bennett played a total of 128 regular-season games, including three starts, averaging 12.8 minutes played 4.2 points, 3.1 rebounds.

Bennett on behalf of NBA 2k16 MT Xbox One Team Canada played before Rio Olympic Qualifying Tournament. In Manila, Philippines, Bennett played 19.0 minutes, averaging 6.8 points 5.0 rebounds and scored.