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NXT is our ticket to be able to push the game

[Feb 04 2017 GMT]

We've mentioned it before, but it's worth saying again: the Java client served us well but has been holding us back in several areas for a while.

NXT is our ticket to be able to push the game further than ever before. Even in the halfway house where both clients are in use, we can push on with some things. You will have noticed draw distance, shadows and higher resolution textures as examples.

However, there are things we would like to do with a number of systems where the difference between the two clients is too great – things we can't do while the Java client is still supported. That means that – eventually – we will need to retire the Java client entirely.

There is no fixed date for this, and we don't intend to surprise you all one morning at breakfast – when it happens, you'll have notice.

A day will come, though, where we have to change something that the Java client won't be able to keep up with. At that point, we want to have already made sure that we have catered to the concerns and reasons that might prevent a player from come along for the ride.

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