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NFL Players Want to Strike for NBA Level Contracts

[Jul 17 2017 GMT]

    Stephen Sherman, of Seattle Seahawk, said that the NFL players need to be willing to strike to get contracts that include huge sums of money, similar to what NBA players signed this year. More information is on where fast and safe madden mobile coins are provided.

    On July 1, within 24 hour after the free agent market opened, the NBA free agent signed a total of nearly $ 1 billion worth of the contract.

    In an interview with ESPN on Wednesday, Sherman was asked if the NFL players had to strike to get a similar contract.

    Sherman said that is one hundred percent, and if they want to be do something as a collective, the players need to be willing to strike, which is something that everyone is fully aware of.

    "You will have to miss the game if you are willing to stand out and you will lose some money as this is the way MLB and NBA fight for new contracts. They miss the game and they strike, they show their strength every bit, that's great. They did it," said Sherman.

    Sherman also said that the NFL players had to reconsider how they should look at the contract and the length of their career. He mentioned the Golden State Warriors Kevin - Durant (Kevin Durant) and Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron - James (LeBron James).

    The"NBA players like Durant and LeBron accept the 2-year contract as nothing," Sherman said. "They realized that they accept a 2 year contract because they will wait for the total increase in salary cap and then they can sign a new contract. We will not be done here."