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NBA2K 18 MT mode gameplay skills

[Oct 26 2017 GMT]

1. Play more games but less simulation. Each generation can find some bugs. It can generally use tips, such as a variety of jump, inside blackmail. This generation of control guard called pick and roll is still relatively easy to use. But it's still relatively easy to use. Whichever location you are on, find the way to stabilize the output. It is easier to win playing time and more VC.

2. Take more training and fitness. Early can focus on training free throws, or a variety of free throws do not enter, brush out the silver badge is much easier, as well as the gym Gatorade reaction speed contact, brush fast response badge; And so the output is slightly stable point, and play without making mistakes, then the coach may be able to put your full 24 minutes, physical enough for the fourth quarter of a variety of lucky ball;

4. Play less defense. You all know what the concept of the computer is empty. Later, I found a lot of time to miss people, and after the computer vote will not use the basket began to celebrate the kind of equipment to force me. Has been followed by people or the computer can hit a lot of hit rate;

5. Open the defensive with more communication, you can switch to the computer in a timely manner; try to touch ball less. It's too easy to foul. It mainly relies on you determine the location of the ball to cut the ball; make good use of the first three sections, play well.

6. Do not hold the ball to run into the crowed, and then when you lose the ball, you may blame the computer; Fancy pass is only used in the fast break, other times the probability of failure is high. You can find the feeling in the team practice.

7. Many players always said that the computer's three-point ball BUG, ​​but in fact, the teammates of the vacant three points is still very accurate, roughly does not seem to be less than 50%, so more to the vacant teammates some opportunities to win the odds even more Bigger ones. Share the ball, we can score, pitcher's hand will change the wind, this is still quite real.

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