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NBA players to join the Warriors Durant hot

[Jul 05 2016 GMT]

US Independence Day this day, Durant forum on the player announced his decision to Buy NBA 2k16 MT join the Warriors, a message will cause a stir. As a winner of the 2014 regular season MVP, Durant regardless of which team to join, will make the team strength has increased substantially.

But after joining the league's best team in the Warriors one, giant Durant with Curry, Thompson and Green consisting of four is enough to make any team daunting. Durant decisions NBA players also sparked heated debate, Wade, Pierce, Drummond and other players have been on Twitter expressed their views.

Currently playing for the Clippers veteran - Paul Pierce is even more bursts of multiple tweets on the issue Durant, Pierce first said beat them join them right, then Pierce forwarded a fan! His tweets : Pierce never to join the team without him would come the strength of the team has already left the Celtics, may still feel unsatisfied, Pierce added: Wei less time to go knight.

The same as a free agent Heat star Wade wrote comrades relationships are very important! So that people can not help but speculate whether Wade's words imply that his whereabouts.

Pistons core Drummond tweeted performance is also very active, first to you to collect the Warriors Durant views, then began to worry about the Warriors defensive problems: they attack everyone was very excited, but they still need defense, this is not a very tall team. . . Drummond said that since then Durant went to the Warriors, that is not allowed in the 2k game with the Warriors is understandable, your friend, if you choose to play when the Warriors should immediately make friends!

76ers center Joel - En Bide said: I will 2k17 game with NBA 2k16 MT Points the Warriors. . If they get 200 next season-points, I would not be surprised.