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NBA part 2k17 player judged by analysis

[Sep 07 2016 GMT]

NBA 2k17 players of the comprehensive evaluation index has been exposed, last season's top lang downs judged by up to 88 levels. Although grace than DE due to injury, haven't played an NBA official competition, he also won the high score of 77, the new top judged by Ben simmons. 79. Downs can cut off in his rookie season averaging 18.3 points and 10.5 rebounds, that he can with many legends in the history of center's rookie season, only a year, he shot up to 88, the judged by the level the first-line star. And Russell compared to last season's second show downs, much less his ensemble named 79.

In addition, the piston center Andre drummond ability value is 87, lakers guard Dan tayloe Russell's ability to value is 79. This year's top 76 ers simmons judged by level with Russell, 79, it also reflects the outside of the top from Australia. Also in the 76 ers, was also a formal game didn't play well than DE ensemble named 77.

For such a comprehensive evaluation, than it is also acceptable, he wrote on twitter: "for a twitter warrior, it is a great review."Indeed, the two season well than DE performance can only be limited on twitter, and he himself is also very active. Miami heat center whiteside judged by exposure to 85, the judged by good response to the highlights of last season, but in the game screenshot whiteside his hair expressed dissatisfaction.

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