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NBA champion point guard played the Olympic determined

[Jun 30 2016 GMT]

And more than a month's time, the Rio Olympics are about to NBA 2k16 Coins begin, and with the Chinese men's basketball team with points in a group of Australian men's basketball team ushered in the good news -- effect of the Cavaliers guard dellavedova has officially confirmed, will represent Australia at the Olympic Games in Rio.

"I will go to the 100% games in Rio, in any case will go to the." Della Vedova said so. In just the end of the NBA finals, Della Vedova ultimately help the knights to 4 than 3 of the big score to reverse the victory over Jinzhou warriors, to get the first championship in the history of the knights. During the playoffs, Della Vedova field are playing 12 minutes, and be able to contribute 3.9 points and 2.8 assists.

Although the data did not look dazzling, but dellavedova is a recognized "Iron Guard", especially his tough defense, can cause a headache to the opponent. At the same time della Vedova also has a good three pointers, for the Chinese men's basketball team, the NBA champion who joined the team, but also for the Olympic Games to add a greater challenge.

For Australia, Delaweiduowa confirmed in the Olympic Games is NBA 2k16 MT Points a very good. Because the team more than NBA players have been identified not participating, this year's NBA champion show Ben Simmons because of the need to prepare for the NBA to give up the Olympic Games; defender Dante Aksum due to injury or opt out, and just in the finals injured center Andrew Bogut, great possibility absent because of injury.