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NBA Live 18 Introduces The One Details

[Dec 30 2017 GMT]

NBA live 18 will also feature Houston Rockets superstar James Harden as the cover athlete.NBA LIVE 18 introduces THE ONE, an all-new, dynamic career experience centered on your player, your choices and your legacy.  Create your unique player identity and decide how you become a legend by mastering your selected role on the court along with signature abilities and traits, only you can pull off.  Embark on your quest to be the greatest basketball player on the planet in The League and The Streets with, or against other players in solo, co-op and multiplayer challenges delivered through LIVE Event content. Dominate the court with innovative one-on-one gameplay arming you with an arsenal of all-new moves for each position with unprecedented control and responsiveness. Put your new-found skills to the test as you manage and build your favorite team in Franchise and Live Ultimate Team.

Outside of The One, NBA Live 18 doesn't give hoop heads a lot to be excited about. The franchise mode smartly borrows the RPG-leveling concept from Madden, but several infrastructure problems like simming games by the week, no prospect scouting, and no draft day trade options keep this mode from being a serious destination for sim heads. I love that EA included WNBA teams, but with no mode support beyond exhibition games, it doesn't give fans a lot to do with the teams. EA also included a barebones version of Ultimate Team.

To be clear, a big part of why NBA Live 18 is so good, relatively speaking, is that it's simply not NBA 2K18. It doesn't seize every opportunity to gouge you for money, and it's possible to improve your created player without having to either dip into your real-world wallet or grind through hours upon hours upon hours of practice. That's not to say that NBA Live 18  doesn't  want players to spend money -- you can buy plenty of shirts and shoes and shooting styles here -- but the way it's implemented here is far less obnoxiously intrusive.

In a more narrow sense, however, there's an argument to be made that NBA Live 18 is a Game of the Year contender. This sense, of course, requires looking strictly at the year's basketball games -- and seeing as NBA 2K18 was a  pay-to-win abomination , if you're trying to decide between the two, the choice couldn't be clearer. For the first time in years (possibly even forever), in the battle between EA and 2K Sports, EA is the clear winner.

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