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NBA LIVE Mobile Reviews

[Dec 26 2017 GMT]

1, Only 80m Capacity, Graphic Effect Is Good  Simplify And Comfortable Operation Interface

NBA Live Mobile is a recent mobile game by EA's famous "NBA Live" series. However, although the live series used to be the king of basketball games, but this is already a thing of the past era, but today's Live series and the Los Angeles Lakers, the same sunk to the bottom, until the host of the live 16 release before returning to public view. So this has just been the domestic mobile game manufacturers heroes of mutual entertainment agent "NBA Live Moblie" what kind of answer can be handed it, let us take a look!

For a NBA Live mobile game, we must pay attention to the screen, operation, competition details and mode of these aspects of performance. "NBA LIve Mobile" Android APK is less than 100MB in size, but the quality of the rendered image is still barely satisfactory.

We can see the screenshots, details of the game's venue, especially the field side viewers do a good job, far more than the early years of the Live Series early paper people. At the same time the game can also be basically through the modeling of the players to distinguish our familiar NBA players, of course, want to further look at the face a bit difficult.

In operation, "NBA Live Mobile Edition" also uses the virtual joystick + button operation scheme. When attacking, the three main keys are shooting, sprinting and passing. Long press the sprint is to accelerate the run, click to do the dribble break action (if the back of the ball will be a back beat action). Hold the sprint to break through, you can also slide the button for emergency stop jumper or launch empty connection. When defensive, the main two keys, defensive buttons - long press is affixed, short press is to start steals.

After reading the introduction, you should find that the operation of this game is much simplified and comfortable compared to the traditional keyboard or handle control mode, but it is somewhat puzzling when the player can not manually switch the game during defense (Editor's Note: After And the manufacturers exchange that the game in the manual settings can be set to manually switch defensive player control, but apparently not well in the tutorial). In addition the game can not call a simple tactics, the basic pick and roll tactics are also difficult to independently control the launch, resulting in the actual game played mostly rely on the ability of singles singles.

2, Live Dynamic Real-time Updates, More Smooth And Efficient Game Experience

In addition to streamlining operations, NBA Live Mobile has made some "compromises" in game detail to ensure that players experience a smoother game during fragmentation.
The first is that this is a free throw and foul chance is very low. A game 2 minutes, I hit a dozen games, less said 1-2 hours of play time, however, a foul a penalty did not trigger. A variety of forcible blocks, physical contact failed to trigger foul, so perhaps for the sake of fluency, foul and free throw shooting probability is not high.

The other is more strange is that this does not seem to have foul back halftime, and three seconds zone settings. You can take the ball in the three seconds area sloshing a long time, you can also have been halftime, and then the ball back to the teammates did not run over, these are not foul, fans often see the NBA feel a little strange.

Another point is more affect the competition and presence of presence, there is no statistics! I use Dirk to kill four sides, but after the game did not know how many points in the end, grabbed a few rebounds.

The "NBA Live Moblie" is better, the dynamic game updates, daily online events always enable the author of this game has a strong look forward to. For example, a star completed a lore yesterday, today you can use the star in the game to experience this classic moment, but also be completed after the corresponding reward. This set of synchronized with the real NBA game to make up for the game due to some of the details of the decline in the sense of substitution, worthy of praise.

3,  Play mode: around the card transaction operation, similar to the ultimate league mode

Earlier, we said, the individual singles ability of the players in this game is very important, so players will naturally want to get the favorite, capable players, this is exactly the same as the way the star cards collected pattern coincide.

"NBA Live Mobile" game mode is built entirely around the game player card transaction system, which is more like FIFA's ultimate team mode and 2K of the ultimate league play. There are two kinds of game play, single AI play season and play against other players (but asynchronous PVP, so still play AI).

The game's lineup is divided into five types, multi-faceted, Marksman, ball, defense, longs five lineup. Most players can only put one of the lineup, but in the game can only send one of the lineup. This setting has a big impact on the player's formations, for example, I have a Creole Thompson (multi-faceted team), while pumping to an Anthony, but Anthony can only be used in the ball team, which is a bit embarrassed It's Cause in order to form the lineup you want, pumping and transaction costs to flip again. But the better part is that the card system is not as disgusting as it is, and it's relatively conscientious to be able to freely trade cards at the auction house and set up stars with character players. It is also understood that the ability of the cards for the players will be based on actual game player data fluctuations and adjustments, this point for the fans to enhance the sense of substitution is very helpful.

4, Evaluation Summary: EA a new attempt around the ultimate team mode

After a trial, I tend to think that "NBA Live Mobile Edition" is a new attempt that EA on the phone for the NBA Live brand. The overall gameplay goal is very clear, EA collect the current sports stars's motion parameter and  simulate NBA game environment, transfer these to mobile game. But compared to those just a set of NBA skin card tour, this is a genuine NBA sports simulation game. Overall, the quality of "NBA Live Mobile" is well, and the competition on the phone is also very good. It is a very worth to have a try for fans who want to play one or two NBA games in the subway, bus and other debris time.