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NBA Hugh season to continue the heat to find Bosh comeback program

[Sep 09 2016 GMT]

Miami Miami is actively looking for potential solutions Chris Bosh comeback, Miami looking for let Bosh return to the stadium, he was very want to return to the stadium, which requires the consent of the Miami, before that there are still some uncertainty. But the heat is looking for solutions, things are moving in the direction of a more optimistic. Bosh in Beijing in February 10th was found in the blood clot leg memory, after the season for reimbursement.

Last season Bosh averaged 19.1 points and 7.4 rebounds and 2.4 assists, Bosh has been out of the training video, but he wanted to return to the premise must be healthy. Prior to Bosh's return to the heat of the green light, continue to cooperate with Bosh's training, they will meet with Bosh in the training camp, consulting experts, looking for the best program. Orlando magic button will be Aaron - Gordon said that the future may not come in the dunk contest, the 2016 all star dunk contest, Gordon and Zach as a fierce duel, Gordon finally lost to ravenna.

Talking about the future can participate in the slam dunk contest, Gordon said: "I can not guarantee one hundred percent, on a dunk contest I spent too much, next time keep more creative will be very difficult. I think I might be able to do it, but I'm not sure if I'm going to play." The magic this summer ushered in the brightest strongman Gordon this summer to join, the hard technology, in the small forward play, "I have seen Leonard, Paul - George, Durant and James game, they have a striker is also back, I love watching the video, it can help me understand what to do. I practiced his ball, passing and shooting. Welcome the arrival of billom yibaka and Bo, for me, or score, or pass to a teammate."

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