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NBA 2k8 ability value ranking

[Sep 20 2016 GMT]

NBA 2K8 released in October 2007, with reference to the 2006-2007 season. Wade of climbing the peak of life last season played half of the season due to injury to submit an expense account, but given the injury before show a strong personal ability, the ability to flash value is still as high as 97. Duncan in the career of the last 20 + 10 seasons, and beating James in the finals, the ability is worth to alliance first.

James led the knight broke into the NBA finals for the first time, although have a door, but for a 22 years old, still can ask you what?  This year, Bryant's personal ability also reached its peak, four consecutive 50 + stunning, the only downside is the first round of the playoffs is home for fishing, personal peak peak and the team is not coincidence, Bryant's career regret?

NBA 2K8 ability value ranking

1, Tim Duncan: 98

2, kobe Bryant: 98

3, wade: 97

4, James: 97

5, Kevin garnett: 97

6, Nash: 96

7, gilbert arenas: 96

8, nowitzki: 95

9, amare: 95

10, Anthony: 94

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