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NBA 2k17 operation and system changes

[Sep 28 2016 GMT]

Article 2k17 layup also have a shot.So in difficult layup and body collision 2 + 1, you will feel is our technology to make the score, rather than pray it's still not into the ball into the. Layup ability high natural shooting more easy to control, but when you open layup, even if you completely ignore shot, he will not fail. Right rocker vertical downwards is normal shooting, vertical upwards is playing hoops. But if you push the joystick is not vertical, will be to the left or right.

With rocker shooting players, will be more difficult at first, but if you master good aim, hit ratio higher than with the shot key players. Shots of the change is directly go to the end, but also with rocker shot target player can see aim on shooting the direction. If the direction and timing were green, then you will hit the ball 100%. 2k16 star dribble before, as long as holding the acceleration, rocker pushed one direction immediately let go of the right, he will make a series of dribbling. 2k17 not, trademark dribble been split into several input.

2k17 blocks ability to low player inliterally can no longer give James dunk to door down. And if you are a defensive player, you want to cause a certain block to each other, but don't want to rushed up to cover foul, 2k17 adds a "to" I just go cap options. The accelerators (R2 RT) by half, then blocks is jumped up and stretched out his hand to block it but don't try to fan. If accelerators according to what is good.

2k17 changed the physical strength. There is now a short-term strength and a long-term strength. When you do some special strength of action, such as running at full speed, dunk, physical, buckle is short-term energy, short-term strength finish buckle, long-term physical strength will fall faster. And if the player standing in the field, the small walking movement, or free throws, short-term strength can be restored. Manual if fall too low for a long time, can reduce various numerical, and sprints.

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