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NBA 2k17 new gameplay features first

[Sep 22 2016 GMT]

NBA 2k17 basketball fans feast is about to come, to see what the NBA 2k17 play function together. 1, limited locker code, change from the code is the course of basketball, decoration or special clothing, then look at the post bar, or baidu, can find the relevant exchange yards.

2, is mobile phone customers face scanning, this feature for apple users on the mainland must be very trouble, estimated that the app store may not be, that is to say, need to other parts of the account to download. Of course, may directly available for download.The problem is to use do you want to hang the Vpn.

3, free agent of MT pattern card will have life. This function is to study the Fifa to attract players, similar loan card to send some strong players. General version of the 90 George, gold version of the 99 kobe Bryant, the legendary gold version of the 99 Jordan, should be practical will be confiscated, a few common version there is George, legendary version of George and kobe Bryant, the gold version of the legend is George, kobe Bryant, Jordan.

Four basic identified as story mode, Mc, with 16 pattern is similar, but the story and how long will be different. employees thank you for your support. We've got sent you a 5% extra nba 2k17 mt coupon. 5% additional 2k17 mt coupon:choose