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NBA 2k17 mobile game

[Oct 06 2016 GMT]

Goodies for basketball games, but now only 2k series dominance, titles, especially with EA, this year the NBA Live silently release time delay, it is also becoming increasingly obvious. Since the lack of competition, also had to self-improvement, in so many basketball games, NBA 2k17 picture is absolutely second to none, after all, large capacity of 2.91 GB mobile end, even with a map of one pile and can pile out of a new world full of love and peace.

Open the game is not hard to find, after the game than the development in the great work, and has made great progress.The image of the players more real, both the skin, muscle, body proportion and run and jump, steals, shooting action is more realistic and natural, absolutely won't appear "who is this cargo" or "action" against humanity.

In addition, part of the star signs celebrations, such as "of god" garage shook his head, James mourned, etc.) is also perfect, minimize acosmia feeling also brought better gaming experience for players.Mobile terminal NBA 2k17 though still unable to get rid of "the audience is wooden" embarrassing, but at least in terms of atmosphere and momentum, if wearing headphones game, the experience of feeling or very close to the real game.

NBA 2k17 on play provides players with four modes, respectively is "glorious career (MC)", "fast" and "street" and "season".Although have not increased in number compared with the original, but the content of rich or be called conscience.Alone "street basketball" that a simple model, including the "1 of 1" to "to the 5" 5 kinds of style, whether active duty player, custom roles, or the NBA legend can be used for us, want to try the "garage + + James griffin" and "stockton + worthy + Malone" which more powerful combination, might as well choose a piece of ground, quietly enjoy a "duke guan qin shubao" drama. Provide the Cheapest and most Secure NBA 2K17 Coins.