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NBA 2k17 career mode is introduced

[Oct 08 2016 GMT]

NBA 2k17 can get credit on another platform is the main reasons for the mode of MC (brilliant career) is very brilliant, because it is different from a linear plot spike lee director, of this player do every decision will affect the plot, and your brother also to be your good partner on the pitch, it is no longer the otc manufacturing large negative news of trouble for you.

From the setting to the character's dialogue in the game has filled with positive energy, and involves the brotherhood of affection, and the content of the emotion between teachers and students, etc, also let players feel very has the sense of.And it also makes mobile side players be very looking forward to this.When players opened the MC model, found that the content of the inside looks almost with NBA 2k16 mobile version of the same.

NBA 2k17 retained the double set of NCAA, NBA, players need to first elected one of ten universities from given as his team, and then to the identity of the first high school students enter college in the university league.Will be divided into five league games, we basically can be regarded as general grading of the game, the NBA will according to the player's performance in the five games give draft, and then we can according to the overall team selected, set foot on the official NBA journey.

We must admit that the game's DIY role performance is very good, every place has a template and detailed distinction, but not the whole story as bedding, still a little regret.

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