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NBA 2k16 on the game

[Aug 22 2016 GMT]

NBA 2k16 is made by Visual Concepts, 2k Games offering a competitive Games like basketball, on September 29, 2015, belong to the NBA 2k series of 16 generation of works. NBA 2k16 on the basis of the original three legendary team and Myteam mode, players can 3 v3 online, break in a single game. Vigorously promote the whole game, realistic, improved the model of the players, let people's body, movements and expressions more real and vivid.In addition, players can also use their own photos printed on the jersey and even on the pitch, creating a complete "their team".

The player's ability to value, is one of the important factors affecting the ability of players on the field performance, ability to value the higher the running speed, dribbling, dunk distance, and the stronger the ability steals, blocks, etc. Only 6 out of do capacity value on 90 players, there are 57 players within the scope of 80-89, 60-79 range of 26 players.

Of NBA 2k16 to improve the game, for almost every player to create a personal signature skills, players in the game can be flexible to use the selected player signs skills, in order to gain more excellent performance. In basketball culture, a tattoo is a symbol of player character, is also one of the best ways to express their wishes, in the NBA 2k16, players have mass customization options, contains over 1500 kinds of tattoo design. employees thank you for your support. We've got sent you a 5% extra nba 2k17 mt coupon. 5% additional 2k17 mt coupon:choose