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NBA 2k16 game skills introduce

[Aug 23 2016 GMT]

Personal dunk master: to do everything possible to dunk defender is famous players. Under the condition of the body touch will dunk as priority. This player lady who must have a physical level at least 80, after finishing the dunk his teammates to get a small amount of physical growth.

Essence of the movie: always wanted to show the most cool dunk.The player must have a value of 80 or higher.Officer basket of success, his teammates will have some physical growth.

He mineta: good at forcibly layup or dunk.Penalty shoot up when in contact with defenders body can be reduced by 25%.

Air magician: good at changing shots in the air movement and is not affected by the player.Because of the air change shooting action by shooting effects lighter, up to 40%.

Designated marksman: is famous for its good at catching key shooting, free throws.Farther from the basket 12 feet or jumpers, the influence of the bad timing tentacles to be cut by 50%.

Players dribbling hoops: good at making shots gap. When the player shooting positions will be created from defenders, than in the face of a defender shots will be reduced up to 100% of the defensive effect directly.

Marksman: one step behind the striker was almost not affected by the defender. And started shooting must be interference, moves when defensive interference can be reduced up to 100%.

Bottom line three experts: good at baseline 3-pointer players.When the player positioning and defender did not active defense, the bottom line 3-point percentage increases by 5%.

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