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NBA 2k16 game playing method analysis

[Aug 26 2016 GMT]

There are many ways to the game, many are back in the game model, at the same time also brought new changes. Do play Oline "mode" to make online matching game more meaningful, increased the degradation mechanism and upgrading of grade. "My stadium" and "my league" mode all joined the simulated operational mechanism, player on their team management has considerable degrees of freedom. "My team" model also support the same custom editor, let the diversity in card content become more challenging.

Average game plot, dialogue is a bit rough, but the voice acting is good. There will be some touching scenes in the game, will keep players interested, but in general, the entire game in narrative way and interaction are not very fit. Plot because no matter how much you on my choice of life in the heated discussion, I always can't make a decision for himself. There was a plot is that my friends and family give me analysis do you want to stay in the university, everyone is said to me "only you can make a decision.But then a scene NBA contract is had come out.

NBA 2k16 in AI defense, network stability and overall grinding is a leap progress, is an amazing basketball game. Developers are still trying to improve the fluency of the game, adding new physical system, and improve a series of several traditional mode. Although not every change very well, but that does not affect the progress of the whole game. employees thank you for your support. We've got sent you a 5% extra nba 2k17 mt coupon. 5% additional 2k17 mt coupon:choose