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NBA 2k16 game analysis skills

[Aug 24 2016 GMT]

Back cover: the player at a block slice tactical/cover by players in attack. If the player shot under cover of his teammates, his shot attribute will improve at 4 o 'clock.

His ankle mineta: first-class ball handler, good at to dribble with change to break the defender's defence. Have a 30% higher chance to perform force defenders fall, stumble or reaction.

Block cut tactician: good at planning block slice tactical control player. Become blocked cut the ball players in tactics, and immediately cover the player can let the players shot properties by 3, pass the ball to cover the player's precision will be improved.

Riding fast break: when the player to rush to the ball to have the second half is famous for its first half. If the player in the team to the fast break, the ball from one end of the pitch to the other end and pass the ball to a teammate, then his speed, agility, and the properties in the ball will improve at 6 o 'clock.

Zone division: the players outside of the ball into the box, good at correct position with nobody defensive players score. Coming from the area of the ball will not occur error, and if the ball will cause the assists, would increase the striker's goal rate of 8%.

Dime: when the player outside of the ball into the box, good let no one defensive player scores. When the ball from the low, there will be no accuracy errors. If the ball will cause assists, will increase the rate of striker 8% goal.

An offensive foul maker: good at winning an offensive foul. When he wants to make an offensive foul, the referee will favor the player is as high as 50%, if an offensive foul, his teammates will increase your energy values.

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