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NBA 2k series player ability value ranking

[Sep 19 2016 GMT]

NBA 2K series new NBA 2k17 has officially launched, although he has retired, but we still can see his strongest side in the game. Actually said the necessities to the NBA 2k series, players who in addition to the cover star is actually the most concerned about is the first person. Now domestic players "damien _ generation lu yue Yang" has brought series of the player's ability to value ranking.

NBA2K7 released in October 2006, with reference to the 2005-2006 season. In the most brilliant one-man show is two things: kobe Bryant cut blasting of the raptors 81 points, and flash wade, go against the performance in the finals. The former season averaging 35 points, who led the heat 2-0 in the finals of the final four games team the first champions league history. James and the age of 21, three grade, the regular season also crazy cut 31 + 7 + 7, a tongue.Three people tied for first 2 k7 capacity value, up to 98.

Nowitzki led the mavs won 60 in the west of the next record, record data, ability value as high as 97. For Allen iverson this season at the end of the 76 people in a full season, scored 33 points 7 assists, peak.

NBA 2k7 ability value ranking

1, Bryant: 98

2, James: 98

3, wade: 98

4, nowitzki: 97

5, Duncan: 96

6: Kevin garnett: 96

7, iverson: 94

8, o 'neill: 92

9, gasol: 92

10, Tracy McGrady: 91