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NBA 2k professional introduction of the game

[Jul 20 2016 GMT]

There are five professional in NBA 2k, respectively for point guard, shooting guard and small forward and power forward and center.

Point guard, has five position inside the absolute speed, and the highest dribbling, passing, steals three ability value measuring kick-off are generally PG, is a qualified PG can timely firmly the ball to open teammates, his assists error gradient to the lowest, the defensive end use their super mobile and stolen ability make up the lack of height.

Point guard: natural offensive capability with precision shooting, give priority to with outside shot, can run through the space and breakthrough goal, shooting guard is the team's main points, shooting guards in the game that absolute perimeter offense often like handfuls of wear heart cold knife into the heart of his opponent.

Small forward: all locations inside the most comprehensive line of is also the most obscure hero, adept at cosco distance shooting, by constantly looking for space, get the opportunity to attack small forward tough defense is often the opponent's nightmare.

Power forward, power forward height and strength are all very outstanding, main support center for the basket offense and defense, has the stronger attack the basket technology, low post and rebounding ability, can take advantage of the body and back roll easily hit the, with is indispensable to a variety of tactics.

Center: has the absolute height and strength advantage and highest rebounds, blocks the attribute value, is the area of optimus prime, and the offensive end with sharp back even advanced dream moves, defensive end center area guardian ecru, put all the points a breakthrough of the desire to kill in the bud. staff thank you for your support. We have sent you a 5% extra nba mt coupon. 5% extra NBA 2K16 MT coupon:choose .