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NBA 2k first operating part of the game analysis

[Jul 21 2016 GMT]

NBA 2K is a by take-two Interactive, Rockstar Games, 2k Games to make the NBA basketball Games, first released in November 10, 1999. This series with a full range of experience in the NBA players, delicate artificial intelligence and special features, users can be meticulous and precise operation to feel basketball is ingenious, and experience the beauty of basketball tactics.

1, the players move: the up and down or so four key moves in any direction.

2, accelerate the run: the mobile key + accelerators (note: start dribbling again after click the speedup is best)

3, jumper: shot key or four special keys can be made a jumper (master different player to hit ratio can be improved)

4, false preach: 2K11 new false preach keys to make false action (fake pass key defensive when making an offensive foul)

5, fake action shot: hold on to play key and click shooting key or special shot key make feints, has yet to be completed after the fake action shots made before point shot key or special key, can be fake action shot after shot

6, playing hoops: hold on to play key at the same time hold down the shot key or special keys to play hoops

7, fadeaway shot: toward the basket in the opposite direction to press the direction key, at the same time, according to the shot key or special keys (such as advice and turned a laparoscope, usually connected to a motion more effectively)

8, drift shot: lateral movement across the net, the special shot key players direction according to the movement key note cannot be loose

9, turnarounds: lateral movement across the net, the special shot key players direction, pay attention to the mobile key cannot be loose

10, leapfrog retreat shot: lateral movement across the net, according to the special key shooting away from the basket make a 5% additional coupon code for NBA 2K16, PS4,Pc, Xbox one particular platform are avaliable, The coupon code:choose, 2kvc employees hope you have a nice time sincerely.