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NBA 2k Online basketball esports will appear

[Jul 18 2016 GMT]

July 28- 31, 2016, the 14th China international digital interactive entertainment exhibition will be held in Shanghai new international expo center to open the curtain. So after durant games debut, the NBA games NBA 2K Online will also punch, carry out on the first day will appear N2 owner stage, steals, dead fish, Ye Tao popular players gathered, the strongest to hit the summer basketball e-sports.

On July 28, 2016 cj to carry out the first day, NBA 2K Online will hot appearance, on the afternoon of 14 to 16 points, will be in the primary stage. The game will be taken by the third anniversary of main game 5 v5 "dynasty" mode, on the one hand, will bring to the audience the scene 10 people fight highlights, on the other hand 5 v5 mechanism will deduce more variables. In this case, the player for the team cooperation ability is put forward unprecedented test and technique level of the game will be a big attraction on the day.

Just like the NBA all-star, the NBA 2K Online 2016 cj e-sports squad is a luxury. Two team consists of players made the former champion of individual and team player, "the tactician" Ye Tao, five "dead fish", has just made it to the finals win the national championship game, as well as cold-blooded and focused the five personal master model will form a team. While the other team, led by new team champion low-key, li bai, at the same time will also add popularity last year team champion, o ze and popular player "coquettish movement" and "cool" too. So what is the operating skill of individual players exceeds, or pay attention to the coordination and tactical team man outplayed other contestants.

NBA game will have more teams in all categories. There will be addition of more NBA leagues that are found in the world. So if you can get 2K16 MT Coins for your game. And some NBA games here