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NBA 2K17 of the American team

[Aug 16 2016 GMT]

NBA 2K game as 2K games ace movement type game much like the majority of the players. Now the latest NBA 2K17 has gradually surfaced in the water, the flagship of the American dream team often photographed. The official announcement of the new aesthetic slow motion videos, with the National Anthem of the United States, with an excellent quality shows one memorable moments, the pre order bonuses is also quite attractive, can use ace of the 1992 dream team.

2K announced that in cooperation with the USA basketball, will allow evaluation first, sales of the first NBA game simulation series latest masterpiece NBA 2K17 2016 the United States men's national basketball team lineup complete list included, including head coach Mike Krzyzewski. 2K17 purchased the tickets for the NBA players will be able to obtain the legendary 1992 American Basketball "dream team", and a special American basketball myteam cards and a myplayer Jersey, to completely customize their American basketball experience. "

2K17 PS4 will be in NBA, PS3, Xbox 360, One Xbox and PC platform on the introduction of digital and physical version, scheduled for sale in September 20, 2016.