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NBA 2K Offence Skills 3

[Jun 10 2017 GMT]

Today I will continue to explain some of the NBA 2K game tactical offence skills. Here are my suggestions.

Offensive play five, inside the back to play all the way, the basket pushed down, there is a chance to come across the computer to come to the defense of the words came outside the three- point break, if not see if you can not eat inside or use the micro-operation of the ball into the basket basket.

Offensive play six, call teammates post moves, outside the ball, hold the rebounding button, teammates cut, loose pass (pay attention to steals), inside back to play, hold the cover button, teammates went to the three-point collusion.

Above is a few commonly used means of attack, remember not in accordance with a play, rigid operation. To be contingent in the game. If you want to know more information about NBA 2K18 MT,you should choose our site