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NBA 2K Offence Skills 2

[Jun 09 2017 GMT]

Today I will continue to explain some of the NBA 2K game tactical offence skills. Here are my suggestions.

Offensive play three, blocks of demolition, according to L1 call pick and roll, their own side of the third hand holding the ball, pick and roll effect is good, then direct vacant third, pick and answer effect is not good, opposite to keep up with, then see the timing, He (carefully steals), cut off a minute inside.

Offensive play four, three break up, and inside occupy a favorable position, you can decisively shot three points, hit the best. If not, then the second rebounding probability is very high, the ball a shot, the opposite three will be involuntarily into the rebound (uncontrolled), then get the attack board immediately came.

Tomorrow I will continue to introduce NBA 2K Offence Skills. More information is on where you can buy cheap NBA 2K18 MT.