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NBA 2K Offence Skills 1

[Jun 08 2017 GMT]

Today I will explain some of the NBA 2K game tactical offence skills. Here are my suggestions.

Offensive play one, kick the ball directly raid one-third, you have the speed of the ball and the ability of the third after the generalkick- off. And if your defender is the computer, then it will be in the inside of the deeper position and does not move many times. This time directly to the three - point line then a three- point, very practical one.

Offensive play two, break the ball. If you break the inside, the opponent' s computer defender is easy to shrink to the inside defense. There is no setting to solve this problem. Then use this point, with their own side to break the sharp players inside the line. If the opposite contraction, then the ball to the outside shooter.

Tomorrow I will continue to introduce NBA 2K Offence Skills. If you want to know more information about NBA 2K18 MT,you should choose our site