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Mike Evans Will Get a New Contract

[Apr 18 2017 GMT]

Tampa Bay Buccaneers chose to execute the fifth year of the contract with Mike Evans. The next step is to negotiate a covenant. More information is on where you can buy cheap Madden Mobile Coins.

To execute option is a matter of course for the Buccaneers. Evans in the first three seasons catch the number of yards are more than a thousand. Last season, his number of yards (1321 yards), catching (96) and touchdown (12) are ranked the top six in the league. He can by virtue of his own body and catching skills to break the opponent's defense.

In this year's offseason, the team signed De Sean Jackson as a long threat, which helps quarterback Jameis Winston have a lot of options in passing the offense. The implementation of Evans' fifth year contract was expected before the start of the offseason. Now their next task will be to give Evans a new contract.