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Michael Floyd Will Play for Minnesota Vikings

[May 12 2017 GMT]

Wide receiver Michael Floyd will go back home to play for Minnesota Vikings, and he and the team completed a one-year contract. More information is on which is a professional Madden Coins selling site.

The 27-year-old Floyd grew up in Minnesota, so he could play in his hometown next season, where is closer to his home than the New England Patriots or Arizona Cardinals. Last season due to drunk driving he was arrested, then the Patriots gave him a second chance, but his performance is not satisfactory. In 2 games he only catch 4 passings and promote 42 yards.

When in Cardinals, his performance was enough to be called the 2nd wide receiver. In the 2013 season he completed 65 times' catchings, 1041 yards and 5 touchdowns, which was threatening in the deep distance passing tactics.