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Miami Dolphins Signs with Damontre Moore

[Dec 15 2015 GMT]

The latest report from that the Dolphins has signed with the Giants' former defensive Damontre Moore. The former last week was kicked off by the team because of the conflict with his teammate Cullen Jenkins.

It's reported that the blasting fuse of this incident is that Damontre Moore hasn't got the free headphones as other teammates. As a rookie of 2013 3rd round, Moore has not become an important player in the Giants. In the past 3 years, he completed only 8.5 sacks, so far this season, he is mediocre.

In fact, Dolphins defensive has a galaxy of talents, so Moore will serve as alternates for Vernon and Derek Shelby. Whatever the past is, we really hope he can grasp this rare opportunity. And also welcome to buy cheaper and faster NFL coins here.