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Miami Dolphins Is Look forward to the return of Tennehill

[Dec 30 2016 GMT]

Miami Dolphins now enter in the playoffs, so they are starting to look forward to the return of their starting quarterback. According to nflcoins news, Dolphins is in the attempt to do everything to let their injured starting quarterback Ryan Tennehill participate in the competition.

Now Tennehill is recovering from a cruciate ligament injury, and he is wearing a special shoe cover to ensure a faster recovery. Their first postseason will start on January 7th, which means the team has four weeks to prepare everything, but whether Tennehill can return is uncertain.

Maybe they still need their own backup quarterback Matt Moore to complete the playoffs. After the replacement of Tennehill, Moore completed 58.5% passing percentage, 516 yards, 6 touchdowns and 2 steals.

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