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Methods to Build My Player in NBA 2K18

[Jun 27 2017 GMT]

NBA 2K18 is on the road. So have you prepared enough for it? If not, you can buy cheap NBA 2K18 MT to help you.

Today we 2kvc want to introduce you some tips to build My Player in NBA 2K18. This version of NBA has come with penalties for playing solo game like annoying player penalty for the one who holds ball for unreasonable duration. Thus, it is better to play the game with a team spirit and not just like an individual. Don't forget that a good team player grade is always better than a bad grade with highest of scores.

The inside score is a good start, because it will help you to score better in your position and it will help increase your free throw ability. Once you get a decent score with these positions, start making a balance between the two.

As a result, you can enjoy the core of the game, if you remember the above construction, a very great player will certainly let you have a win-win situation.