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Messi wins Data War

[Mar 01 2017 GMT]

Messi and C Ronaldo are also at the top of the mountain, they are still the two most popular golden ball, then the season has been close to the past 2/3, the performance of the two? Take a look at the comparison of the data, from the number of goals and assists, Messi is better, but the C Ronaldo's Real Madrid team perform better.

In all competitions this season, Messi firepower, he is currently the top scorer in the Champions League and La Liga, has scored 35 goals in all competitions, plus 10 assists, by contrast, C Ronaldo produce data is Fifa Coins somewhat inferior by comparison he scored 23 goals, 8 assists, two items of data are not Messi.

First look at the La Liga, compared with the two star, Messi has scored 20 goals, at the top of the top scorer, C Ronaldo scored 16 goals, 4 goals behind Messi. On assists, Messi 4 times, C is the 3 time of the.

Take a look at the Champions League, Messi is currently the leader in the shooter standings, currently scored 10 goals, C Ronaldo's goal is the number of 2, behind the ball of the Messi. Assists in the number, C Ronaldo is dominant, a total of 5 assists, Messi assists is the number of 3, less than C Ronaldo of the 2.

Other cups, including the king's cup, the Spanish Super Cup, the European Super Cup and the world cup, Messi's performance this season is 5 goals and 4 assists, C Ronaldo is a goal of 0 assists in 5. However, it should be noted that the two people to participate in the game is actually different, C Ronaldo participated in the world cup, Messi did not, Messi participated in the Spanish Super Cup, C Ronaldo did not.