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Messi the Soviet Union and the European Union

[Feb 08 2017 GMT]

In the first half was no tricks the case, but Barcelona scored at the final whistle before. Facts have proved that this goal is the key to Barcelona promotion. It's better to say that it was Messi and Suarez who scored the goal. Completely rely on personal ability, MS combination to help Barcelona qualify for the final, this goal is also engraved in the 2015 Champions League final classic.

In the Champions League final in 2015, Barcelona 3 to 1 victory over Juventus, when Messi and Suarez had jointly broke. Messi in the restricted area arc on the left foot low shot vigorously, Buffon reluctantly saves but dropped, Suarez follow easily broke the tip. Tonight, MS engraved the goal, but Messi's shot before the final breakthrough as more exciting.

When the ball in midfield, Messi is the first one to the right in front of the accelerated past Godin. Felipe at this time from the side to outflank Gaitan, behind Messi chase anti. Messi suddenly turned to his left front, he pulled two consecutive horizontal move, will Felipe and Godin have lost the center of gravity. Gaitan is the most funny, Messi left the front sprint, he was actually the flea's false action ran to the right side of the opposite direction.

Between Godin and Savage, the only way to get the shot was for Messi, who shot a big shot with his left foot. Moya barely saved the ball, while Suarez outflank place broke the tip. It is worth mentioning that was supposed to be up against Suarez Felipe's recovery, this has been a breakthrough Messi shook completely lost the sense of position, the empty side Su god. In the end,if you want to buy Fifa Coins,you should choose our site