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Messi jump out vigorously top

[Dec 07 2016 GMT]

In the match against Borussia Barcelona before has been locked in advance of the first group C Ronaldo. In this case, Enrique still let Messi played for 90 minutes. It is clear that Barcelona want to let Messi "brush" in order to create a personal Champions League group match scoring record. Messi did score a "plum western style" goal, but unfortunately, the two time God flutter makes Messi missed the edge to create a new record.

Messi's goal came in fifteenth minutes. The goal, began Messi, and finally Messi. In the restricted area arc ball, Messi all the way to the left front dribbling. The flea observed Turan movement, he sent a note posted on his pass, and then sprint immediately to the door. Send any inverted triangle cross, Messi ball tuishe easily. This is one of Messi's favorite goals, when the flea year scored 91 goals, it is often used in this way to score.

This goal, is Messi this season Champions League group stage to score tenth goals. If you go into the 1 ball, fleas will catch up with C Ronaldo 11 goals in the Champions League group phase scoring record. Then into the 2 ball, the fleas will create a new record. Unfortunately, although the goalkeeper Borussia Sohmer sleepwalking, but it happens in the face of Messi Shen Yong two. If you want to learn more information about Fifa Coins,Glad to see you come to our website