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Messi free kick has exceeded C Ronaldo

[Jan 13 2017 GMT]

In the first three games of 2017, Messi scored the first direct free kick, and he became the king of the free kick in the history of Barcelona with a goal of 26 goals. "Daily Mail" pointed out that although the Messi free kick scored the number as C Ronaldo, but his scoring efficiency has surpassed the portuguese. Be inextricably involved。 But under the present, two people are in their own way to do charity. So far, Messi has scored 31 free kicks, including Barcelona, Argentina, the 5 of the 26. C Ronaldo scored 39 free kicks, including Real Madrid, Manchester United, 14, Portugal, and the other 5, with a total of $20. C Ronaldo joined Real Madrid in 2009 and Messi scored 17 free kicks for Barcelona in the same period.

After Fifa Coins joining Real Madrid, C Ronaldo free kick scored 20 goals for the 291 time, scoring rate of 6.87%. Messi scored 17 goals for the 212 time, scoring rate of 8.02%. And in recent years, C Lo's free kick was a downward trend, Messi seems to have a master style.

Debut, Messi will not shoot free kick, he is how to progress to the realm of the master? Argentina team before the physical fitness Signori in his autobiography revealed a past events. In February 2009, Argentina in France ready to play pre-season training. At the end of the training, Messi and Tevez free kick. Messi was shot in the back of the restricted area, and the flea was not ready to leave the stadium, but was called back by Maradona.

"Leo, Leo, here we go again back to Fifa 17 Coins the father." Maradona hands Messi, "put the ball back and listen to me. Keep your feet off the ball too quickly, so that the goalkeeper can't guess what angle you play." Maradona then demonstrates, he put the ball into the corner, Messi looked at Diego admiration.