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Messi defending IFFHS world best playmaker

[Dec 29 2016 GMT]

The International Association of Buy FIFA 17 Coins football history and Statistics (IFFHS) announced that the 2016 annual world's best organization midfield selection results came out, Messi successfully elected, realized in the award of defending Messi the next goal is to surpass the former teammate Harvey created 4 winning record.

In 2015 Messi was elected the world's best playmaker, although he is a striker, but Messi offense is a super class, with data as evidence, in the event of 2016, Messi had 32 assists, is the world's largest assists players. Therefore, Messi was elected in 2016 of the world's best playmaker is well deserved, which he completed in this award two straight.

In the year of the award, from the 56 national team of Fifa Coins professionals involved in the Messi score, the final score is 172 points, leading Iniesta behind 106 points, the score is 66 points, ranked second, is ranked third in Cross, he is the best midfielder in 2014 the world organization, Real Madrid general score 45. Cross's fellow Mesut Ozil ranked fourth, the score is 39 points, ranking fifth is Maheras, his score is 36 points last season, Maheras won the Premier League best PFA, the top 5 of the world and into the best playmaker, which shows his excellent.