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Messi bloody Resurrection

[Mar 10 2017 GMT]

Messi and Barcelona, came together through these years of groundless talk, low to the top in the world, taste five mixed, tasting the years Men's feelings are changeable...... Flower, thanks again, people are no longer young. Messi, a good time to Fifa Coins Barcelona, Barcelona also gave him the best memories. March 9th morning, Barcelona crazy war, out of Paris. After the game, Messi was mad, he jumped on the billboard, arm, and cry. It's a different kind of Messi, it's a much more terrible Messi.

The photographer is one of the most creative people in the world, and they are always able to capture a special perspective to remember some meaningful moments. Originally, Messi just jumped on the billboard cry, vent and pent up quickly, but the magic photographers are mixed in the crowd to shoot the widespread after Messi was to worship God figure. They will be surrounded by Messi in the middle, struggling to reach the intention of feeling Messi Xian qi. At this moment, Messi is like Jesus, like the Superman arrogance beings.

Occupation career, Messi rarely so crazy catharsis, he is not Kobe, nor C Ronaldo, he was a quiet boy next door, seems to be on the pitch he has nothing to do with the glint and flash of cold steel. But this time, Messi has changed and become strange. However, thin want to come, but it is early warning. At this moment, Messi waited too long. After the first round of 0-4 Paris, Messi left, no one knows what he was thinking, but the whole world to see the gloomy face of Messi.

No longer silent, Messi anger, Paris successfully inspired the anger of the heart of Messi. So, we once again saw a fight to do the best of Messi, which is a fan of the lucky, but unfortunately the opponent. Barcelona VS Paris 1/8 finals after the first leg, Messi opened the killing mode, kill red eyes.

Against Eli Gane J, Meiximei opened two degrees, and a ball is ninetieth minute penalty lore, Barcelona win 2-1. After Messi lore, with frost, as seen through the red dust; against the enemy Atletico Messi reproduction lore, eighty-sixth minute goal to Barcelona away win, Messi is still indifferent; then against Sporting Gijon and CELTA match, Messi directed two massacres, let Barcelona team morale and confidence to reach a climax. This is all ready for the Paris match, and loaded, will head out over Paris.

Objectively speaking, Messi yesterday in the first round of the performance is difficult to say perfect. The ups and downs of the game confused eyes, changing it makes people forget about Messi's insistence and sacrifice. In the first half, Barcelona 2-0 lead, big score is still 2-4 behind. Fiftieth minutes, Barcelona was a penalty, Mei west station to 12 yards before calmly hit, 3-0. 12 minutes later, who scored a goal, the total score into 3-5, Barcelona to another three goals to reverse. Eighty-fifth minutes, Neymar arbitrary players edge Paris. Ninety-first minutes, Barcelona won a penalty, Messi shows the generous side, the ball to the foot wind Shun Neymar, the latter hit, to lay the foundation for the final victory. Ninety-fifth minutes, Roberto was a thrilling drama written on the two words. The referee blows the whistle, Nokamp into madness, Messi held many days of anger get perfect release in a moment of cry.

Messi needs this victory, he really can't lose the game. In 2016, C Ronaldo sparkle and win the Champions League and European Cup, will win the Golden Globe and world footballer. In fact, Messi's personal data than C, and also beat Real Madrid, Barcelona won the Spanish champions. Although the mouth does not say, Messi is naturally against C Ronaldo, he hold big move, waiting to recover.