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Messi Annual Salary 25 Million Euros

[Jun 07 2016 GMT]

Barcelona and Busquets has signed a new contract while Neymar's renewal has been underway. At the same time, Barcelona and Lionel Messi is about to complete the contract. He will play for Barcelona until 35 years old. It is likely to be a lifetime contract.

Messi's current contract expires in 2018, and the new one will go to 2022. Then the 35-year-old Messi will be most likely to retire at Camp Nou. FC Barcelona will also raise salary for Lionel Messi to 25 million euros after tax. Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and other Premier League Clubs have no chance to get him.

Besides, Mess'si 8-year teammate Alves has left the team and another fullback Adriano will also leave Camp Nou. All of a sudden, Barceloba loses two fullbacks, so they want to introduce Celta Joni. In the 2013-2014 season, Enrique coached in the Celta and Joni was there.

While Javier Mascherano and Juventus' rumor continues. Is he leaving? Barcelona does not want him to leave temporarily, and offers him a lot of things that make it difficult for him to leave. And he himself will not force Barcelonba to sell him as it is unwise to ruin the relationship between the club and himself. At Last, go to to buy FIFA 16 Coins or NBA 2K16 MT.