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Mastering Alterac Valley

[Feb 14 2016 GMT]

It is a guide related to the achievements in Alterac Valley and in the general PVP category. PVP is a fast-paced, goal oriented component of the game. Recognise the players who are leaders and follow their instructions. Other players may get a word in but most of the groups will agree with one course of action.

You can bring some friends if you go for specific achievements because they will help you. Remember that try to stay with the group for the most part by the same token. Be patient when trying to get these achievements. Try not to to caught in the aggression and insulting that is prevalent in PVP. There are vendors who sell PVP gear, you will earn PVP-ing, and craftsmen. Your PVE gear may be the best in-game, it's not for PVP and you should try to obtain the appropriate gear.

Alterac Valley is a battle to exterminate the reinforcements of opposing team. You can do it by whittling away at a team and killing higher level of NPCs for bigger drops. Reinforcements can be filled through turning in repeatable quests, the items can be obtained by looting characters in the battleground. Many teams have 2-base approach where they destroy the opposing team's bases. The NPC will disappear when a base is destroyed. More related information is on where sell the cheapest WOW gold.