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Master the Skills to Play Salary Cap

[Oct 11 2017 GMT]

No matter you are veterans or newbie, being a top one who play salary cap proficiently is not an easy thing. Except for the ability to build a strong team, some unknown skills are also important. Here are some tips for you.


Make Plan before Buying Stuff

For those who don’t have sufficient coins in the game, it’s not a wise thing to buy anything at their ease. If so, they will end up the game quickly due to the lack of currency. Usually, a team builder a good tool for you to screen player, good players will be recommended to you, and useless players would be kicked out of the team. Besides, it also helps you to check total Salary Cap of your team. Then, you can master team situation fully. If you want to build a stronger team, you could buy players who aren’t belonged to your binder. Of course, for those useless players in your team, you could post them to the market and sell for money.


Knowing Your Scheme Well

Knowing your scheme is very important for you to play well in the game. For example, if you have already played defense for 34 times, it’s fool for you to play again on the second DT. Just imagine, you have played so many times and haven’t got any reward, so, you should give up trying in the next round.


Don’t Waste Any Salary Cap

Although you have set all position for the game, not every position is equally important. For some position, both common and good players can fit them well, in such case, you can choose the common player and save a lot salary cap. For the remaining salary cap, you can put them to the database, and use the salary cap filters to rank them from high to low.


How do you think about the above tips, we do they could give you a little help. If you have some better suggestion, please contact us by For more news, come to to find any you want. Besides, fast Madden 18 Coins is currently in full stock!