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Master Free Throw Training Skills

[May 17 2017 GMT]

Free throw is the compensation rule set up because of the other foul in the basketball game.So how do players take advantage of free throws in the game?

You can adjuste " free throws " in the settings and set the free throw mode " player time " or " player real hit rate ". Free throws, this is based on personal feel to adjust it. Different players have their free throw position, is not the same, so free throws are not exactly the same. But the free throws are shooting key. In general, the free throw shot is when the player with the palm of your hand holding the ball, palm back to the maximum elevation of the moment when the moment shot in most of the time. Because each player has different speed, the ball stay in the air is short, some long, you can practice more in practice mode.

Press the shooting button for a certain time, free throws will be almost full of the release can be released in the nba 2k17. NBA 2K18 also like this. If you want to learn more information about NBA 2K18 MT, so stay tuned to our website