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Marshawn Lynch Joined Auckland Raiders

[May 05 2017 GMT]

Marshawn Lynch came to Auckland Raiders can also harvest a lot of dollars. According to nflcoins news, Lynch's basic salary is 1.35 million dollars, of which 1 million dollars is the list of incentives, before the training to participate in the reward is 300 million dollars.

In addition, if he completed 12 touchdowns in the game, he can get 500,000 dollars reward, if complete 1000 yards in the season, he can get $ 2.4 million reward, if completed of 1600 yards, at the same time the team has a playoff performance, then he will have extra rewards.

So that Lynch's income will be determined by his performance, and he is also very excited to be back to the game, if he can remain healthy, he can complete a lot these incentives.

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